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This week on Tech Terms for Lawyers, we will be looking at the term Applet. Findlaw defines Applet as:

An applet is a small application. In terms of the Internet, an applet is a little program that can be sent with a Web page to a user. Using Java programming language, applets can perform animation and other tasks without having to send user data back to a host server.

The name “applet” was once synonymous with the Java programming language. In recent times, it is used for If This Then That (IFTTT) which is a no-code/low-code software tool for constructing short programs comprising of triggers (If This) and actions (If That) (Then That).

The following are some of the benefits of using an applet:

On client-side machines, applets can perform a variety of minor tasks. They can play music, show images, receive user inputs, mouse clicks, and even keystrokes, among other things.

Applets are client-side applications that create and edit graphics that are distinct from and independent of the client-side platform.

Applets are small in size when compared to stand-alone applications, but the benefit of sending them over the network makes them more usable.

Applets run in a client browser and allow you to import resources such as photos and audio clips using Urls.
Because of their access to resources, applets are extremely secure.
Applets are secure and safe to use because they can’t change the local system in any way.

However, because applets are downloaded from remote machines and potentially affect client-side machines, they are subject to numerous security limitations. The following are a few of them:

When running an applet from an untrustworthy provider, security is crucial.
Any application on the local system cannot be started or modified by an applet.
Applets have no access to client-side resources like as files, operating systems, and so forth.
Special privileges may be granted to applets. They must be designated as trusted applets and registered with APS (Applet Security Manager).
When it comes to communication, Applet has few limitations. Only the machine from which it was loaded can connect with it.
Applets are unable to use native methods.
Only information about the client machine can be extracted by the applet.

We hope you now understand the term Applet, join us next week as we explain another Tech Term. Kindly share with your friends.

Key Contributor: Adeyemi Owoade

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