Dispute Resolution Legal Practitioners Litigaship Series


The 16th day of October, 2021 witnessed the Maiden edition of the LITIGASHIP WEBINAR SERIES organized by Law Axis 360°_ an online content provider on legal matters and issues.

J.S. Okutepa Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), the guest Speaker spoke extensively on the topic “CHASMS AND CONTOURS: THE PATHWAYS TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN LITIGATION AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION”.

While discussing the topic and addressing a host of young wigs, the Learned Silk strongly advised that law should not be practised as a business venture. He said the reason being for his assertion is simple in that “a business person is solely interested in profit, a lawyer is interested in justice”.

J S Okutepa SAN speaking live on Litigaship Webinar

The Learned Senior Advocate of Nigeria is of the opinion that it is the desire to turn the legal profession into business venture rather than practice it as a profession that has destroyed the very fabrics and essence of the legal profession. He finally enjoined young lawyers to follow the rules, ethics and regulations of the legal profession and that young wigs do not need any ‘business experts’ in order to be a very successful lawyer.

J.S. OKUTEPA SAN concluded on the issue his assertions as follows: “certainly, lawyers cannot afford to engage in business competitions. It is not ethical. To engage in practice as a business and engaging in trading competitions will undermine the essence of law as instrument of social engineering”.

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