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What you should know about web cookies – Adeyemi O. Owoade

I know you know cookies. No not the snacks. I speak concerning the ones on websites. It is necessary you know about it and I will be helping you to understand the concept of cookies and data protection and privacy in this edition.

Now, what are cookies?
Cookies are text information saved on your device by the website you visit to help the website perform certain operations with the saved information. These operations include adverts, identifying your preferences, login etc.

How does it work?
When you freshly visit a website, the website create a file on your system which it save with an ID it can recognize later and in this file it saves certain things about your log in details, preferences as you browse, location, the ads you check, the items you look at etc. These info are saved on the file called cookie and saved on your device browser. Then the ID is saved on the website database.
So the website looks back at the cookies saved on your device browser anytime you click on the website and it uses the cookies to perform everything it does and make your navigation easy too.
The website can also add to the cookies saved on your device as time goes unless you control what cookies to be taken from you.

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