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A revolution is coming! So wrote a brilliant colleague of mine, Ademola Adeyoju in his recent incisive work on Artificial Intelligence and the future of the legal profession. Well, for the Global Transportation Sector or the Taxi economy (the gig economy), a revolution has been on for some years too. A phenomenon called UBER dropped from the massive sky of ideas and innovation and touched down safely. Now, the Taxi narrative has changed. This change in narrative has taken a mile further; it is set to take its toll on the judicial precedents of the Learned Profession. But how can that be? You will find out shortly.

This treatise gives a cogent summary of the just decided UBER case up to the Court of Appeal judgment stage. It then goes ahead to give a commentary on important points raised in deciding in favour of the Respondents. It continues by forging a dissenting opinion on the dissenting judgment in light of the current reality of globalization and the gig economy. Finally, it offers a light prophecy of what the Nigerian Courts would do and nothing more pretentious.

To further give us a compass, this trip on my dissenting opinion will be covered in three (3) episodes, involving two (2) stopovers. It begins with an introduction (where we are right now) after which episode one shows up. Long journeys can be very tiring but some are always worth the time and energy. No knowledge is lost; your curiosity can never be taken away from you.

Download the full article here

Olukolade O. Ehinmosan

Lead Partner/Editor-in-Chief, LAW AXIS 360°

Olukolade is a legal practitioner at the Law Firm of SPA AJIBADE & Co situate in Lagos, Nigeria. His core interests are in dispute resolution, Labour Law, Taxation, Intellectual Property and Corporate Finance.

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